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Convertifire Review

The Overview

Author Stefan van der
Product Convertifire
Launch Date 14/12/2016
Launch Time 10:10 EST
Niche Software
Sales Page
Front-End Price 39$/ monthly – 199$/ yearly
Refund 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
Recommended 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

What is Convertifire?
It is often a next generation conversion machine that permits you to increase the profits, including Revealing Heatmaps & Powerful Behavioral Recordings, Feedback Polls & Surveys, Conversion Funnels and even more.

What are The Outstanding Features of Convertifire?

Understand what visitors want, worry about and do with your site by seeing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior – strong indicators motivation and desire.

Behavioral Recordings
Eliminate guesswork by seeing your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements and identify issues they encounter. Take back control.

Conversion Funnels
Optimize your hard earned dollars maker. Optimize for improvement and testing by identifying when step in the funnel guests are dropping off.

Form Analysis
Do you forms convert? Increase conversions and completion rate on join forms by discovering which fields usually are not performing.

Feedback Polls
Know the reason why behind your visitor’s behavior with polls which can be tied to specific user recording sessions. Be able visualize all of their experience.

Feedback Surveys
Get with your visitor’s mind. Building responsive surveys to recover responses in real-time from and device. Answers represented in finger-licking graphs!

Unlimited users
Invite all of your team at no added cost. Specify user roles & rights easily.

Detects Device
It is successful on Desktop, mobile & Tablet versions of one’s site. Also detects browser size.

Use on unlimited sites
Install & use Convertifire on unlimited sites and also on unlimited pages per organization.

Install within 30 seconds
There is not any headache since it is very easy to put in. Copy & paste one line of code to your site.

Block IPs
Only get reliable data by excluding tracking by yourself, or maybe your team by blocking IPs.

Complete Website saves
No iframe method that renders important computer data invalid after a edits of the pages.

Works on every site
It includes Platform proof, HMTL, WordPress, ClickFunnels, LeadPages and Shopify.

Share findings
Share heatmaps, recordings, survey & poll results online websites easily.

Advanced Filtering
Easily filter data on main system, which browser they choose, referral source and much more!

Why Should You Buy It?

Convertifire can be a good conversion tool and they have more amazing and advanced features than the others in the market. And after by using this tool, I have some following reviews:

Easy setup, calculates of the box. No tech-headaches, pinky promise!

Convertifire’s outstanding features with help your online business to grow without headaches.

With Stefan’s 20-year experience, this tool continues to be come make up the wide familiarity with boosting the conversion and profit.

The support team works 24/7 and perhaps they are willing to answer every your question.

Convertifire is often a super easy-to-use and avant-garde feedback tool that any marketer, content creator, and website developer are ever going to need. It is actually a state of art compression technology, a full different solution to gather data to your website. If you are yearning for conversion rate optimization in marketing land, don’t miss it.